#101pastas 006: Part puttanesca

This is so good I’m literally typing while I eat, such is the urgency to bestow it upon you all.

It’s really salty so good for a hangover, such as I have now.

Serves 2
Sourdough or other decent bread 2 slices
Pasta 200g
Olive oil
Garlic 4 cloves
Dried chilli
Anchovy fillets in oil 1 tin
Black olives pitted, a handful
Capers 2-3 desert spoons
Parsley a handful
Parmesan or other hard cheese

Put your pasta on.

Toast the bread then put it in a blender to make crumbs.

In a frying pan, heat a generous glug of olive oil on a high heat. Add the crumbs, a bay leaf and one clove of garlic, smashed with the side of a knife. Fry, stirring regularly until golden brown. Remove the smashed garlic clove.

Chop the anchovies, garlic and chilli and toss in along with the oil from the tin. Add the capers and the zest and juice of half the lemon. Slice the olives and chop the parsley and throw them in too.

Drain the pasta reserving a ladle of cooking water. Add to frying pan and stir in well with a few more splashes of oil. Serve immediately. Finish with parmesan and plenty of coarsely ground black pepper.

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