#101pastas 007: Ben Watt’s pea, ham and nutmeg penne

Very kindly donated by musician, singer, songwriter, writer, DJ and fellow pasta enthusiast, Ben Watt, this is a quick, low fat penne adapted from an Anna del Conte recipe. Ben said:

“Just made this for lunch. Took 10 mins. I adapted it from an Anna del Conte recipe. In an ideal world it would use a thin taglierini pasta or spaghetti but I only have penne in the fridge so I made do with that. Remember, this is a low fat version that suits my dietary restrictions, so you could bump up the butter and cream if you like.” 

We note he has gone for 150g pasta per person. Bold portioning there, Mr Watt. We like it.

Serves 2
Butter 10g
Peas 110g frozen
Vegetable stock 75ml
Ham 75g cooked, thick cut
Single cream 60ml
Nutmeg whole (ideally)
Pasta 300g, fresh (ideally)

Melt the butter in a pan, add peas and vegetable stock. Simmer for 2 minutes.

Add ham, single cream and a generous grating of nutmeg and some salt. Heat through.

Meanwhile cook 300g of fresh pasta (dried pasta has resistant starch which makes it harder to digest).

Drain and add to the sauce and stir in. Add grated parmesan. Doesn’t need pepper. The nutmeg makes it.

Hope you dig it. #lowfat #lowfatrecipes #lockdown

Thanks, Ben.

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