#101pastas 020: Seafood chilli linguine by @g_eats

Yet another great submission from @g_eats for our potentially over-ambitious pasta odyssey.

Pimentón pepper 1 red
Garlic cloves 2 sliced
Cherry tomatoes 500g
Parsley 25g
Olive oil a dash
Spinach half a bag
Dried chilli flakes 1tsp
Lemon juice of of half
King prawns 150g
Squid rings 150g
Linguine 200g
Parmesan grated, to finish

In a large saucepan, get the linguine cooking.

In a separate frying pan, fry off the pepper, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and the parsley in a dash of olive oil until the mixture has reduced and taken on some colour.

Mix in the spinach, the chilli flakes and the lemon juice.

Once the spinach has shrunk, add the king prawns and the squid rings and heat through.

Mix with the cooked linguine, and sprinkle over some grated parmesan to finish.

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Thanks, Georgie.

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