#101pastas 016: @veggiechefbef’s vegan carbonara [v]

This recipe was kindly donated by Beth and James, known digitally as @veggiechefbef.

An all time favourite of pretty much everyone I know, carbonara was hard to give up when I went meat free. After plenty of experimentation, I have finally perfected a vegan sauce so I can still get my fix!

One of best things about these types of meals, is that there is no singular correct way of doing something. When I cook, I’m throwing all sorts of different bits and bobs in, and it’s rare the same meal twice. That said, I would make this again in a heartbeat.

Cashew nuts 80g soaked for an hour
Non dairy milk 250ml – unsweetened soya seems to work best
Nutritional yeast 2 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Vegan bacon pieces 100g – we love Vivera bacon style pieces but there are plenty of other alternatives and some people even prefer to use mushrooms!
Salt and pepper to taste
Spaghetti / Tagliatelle 200g of whatever floats your carby boat

Drain the cashews and add to blender with olive oil.

Add a small amount of vegan milk at a time and blend until you get your desired consistency – you may not need to use it all if you like a thicker sauce.

Add the nutritional yeast and salt and pepper, then blend some more.

Add your sauce to a pan and heat through slowly – do NOT let it boil as this can alter the taste.

While heating your sauce, fry up your preferred veggie bacon pieces.

Add bacon to the sauce and stir through your favourite pasta